Weigh In Wednesday: 4/3/13

Last Week 3/27/13:   271.8 pounds
This Week 4/03/13:   269.4 pounds
Loss This Week:      -2.4 pounds

I worked HARD for this 2.4 pound loss.  Easter weekend was horrific with my eating.  I really have to learn how to curb my overeating.  Food is good but there is going overboard.

I’m glad to be out of the 270s.

Next week will be better!  Here’s to another kick ass week of eating right and exercising like a BEAST.


Weigh In: 11/19/12

Starting Wt:   349.6
WI on 11/12:  269.6
Today 11/19:  263.2
                 Loss This Week:        -6.4
                 Total Loss from Start: -86.4

This wasn’t even 100% Paleo.  This is quite exciting!  The exercise plan gets introduced tomorrow so this should be better.  Cannot wait.

Holy shin splints from yesterday Batman! :p

Motivation Monday!

I wasn’t going to post this because of feelings I’ve been having with the hospital and such.  After yesterday, I’ve been on such a high.  I revisited this video and decided that I’m proud of me.

The song playing is “When You Believe” sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.  Total Video time is 4:57.

Happy 2 Years to Me!

It’s funny how fast time flies.  Over the last two years, I have completed:

  • Multiple 5K Races (PR: 40:57 from 56:36)
  • Multiple 10K Races (PR  1:27:56 from 1:33:29)
  • Two Half Marathons (PR: 3:30:59 from 3:51:39)

I have lost 96 pounds, gained about 20 of it back and continuing to strive to break 100.  I’m striving for goal.

I’m kicking my ass on a daily basis.  What more could I want?

If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

Live life to the fullest and believe in yourself.  Every drop of sweat is your muscles crying.  And, it’s all worth it.

The best is yet to come.

WIW: 2/22/12

Starting Wt:   349.6
WI on 02/15:  255.0
Today 02/22:  252.8
                 Loss This Week:        -2.2
                 Total Loss from Start: -96.8

Can we say 3.2 away?! :D  Considering I ran once this week and did one round of personal training and ate many bad things, I call this #winninggggg!!!

It’s coming…  ::jumps up and down, happy boy dance::

WIW: 2/15/12

Ahhh… Wednesday, check it out:

Starting Wt:   349.6
WI on 02/08:  263.6
Today 02/15:  255.0
                 Loss This Week:        -8.6
                 Total Loss from Start: -94.6

I’m really pleased with today’s loss.  This is the biggest loss I have EVER had in one week.  Hard work pays off.  That much closer.  Next week?  I only need to lose 5.4 by next Wednesday to hit 100 pounds.  Let’s kick some ass this week, shall we? :)

Weigh In: 1/15/12

Starting Wt:   349.6
WI on 01/01:  262.0
Today 01/15:  258.6
                 Loss Total:               -3.4
                 Total Loss from Start: -91.0

HELLOOOOO 250s!!!!  HELLOOOOO 90+ POUNDS LOST!  I have been waiting patiently (well, not so patiently) for a while now!  It’ feels good to be out of the 260s!  It feels great to have lost 90 pounds.  Ive never seen a number this low on the scale.  I’m feeling kind of giddy now.

Time to get some breakfast in, change and do ALL THE MILES!

Good luck Tony, Rock Arizona like I know you will!

I will continue to jump up and down with glee until Cindy gets here!

NOLA Goal:  16.8/40 (42% to goal)

Weigh In: 12/1/11

Starting Wt:   349.6
WI on 11/15:  268.0
Today 12/01:  266.6
                 Loss Total:               -1.4
                 Total Loss from Start: -83.0

Well, I’m 1.2 pounds shy of the goal I set on 11/1.  I’m a little bummed.  But, I’m going to put a positive spin on this.  I lost 8.8 pounds in the month of Movember.  That’s 2.2 pounds average weekly.  That’s healthy weight loss.  And hell, I’m down 83 pounds.  I’ve kept it off.  Win!

The holidays are coming.  Family celebrations.  Lots of food.  I’m scared to set a goal but I will.  With that being said, January 1st, I want to shoot for 10 pounds.  It’s doable.  Movember continues December 1st-31st.  No excuses.  Keep moving.

So, 256.6… I’m coming for you.  Self control will be my mantra this holiday season.

NOLA Goal:  8.8/40 (22% to goal)

Weigh In: 11/15/11 - Weight LOSS Edition!

Let’s get to it:

Starting Wt:   349.6
WI on 11/01:  275.4
Today 11/15:  268.0
                 Loss Total:               -7.4
                 Total Loss from Start: -81.6

HOLY EFF GUYS!!!  I’m soooo insanely happy about this loss.  I’m less than 3 pounds away from the goal I set on 11/1.  I’ve got this.

Hard work, Determination & Commitment pays off.

December 1st, I want 265.4.  I will have it.

NOLA Goal:  7.4/40 (18.5% to goal)

July 15th Weigh In!

Starting Wt:   349.6
WI on 07/01:  269.2
Today 07/15:  265.4
                 Loss This Wk Total:    -3.8
                 Total Loss from Start: -84.2

Soaring Wings Goal (10.29.11):  6.6/50 - 43.4 to go

It feels good to have a loss.  It feels good to be 265.  Next WI’s loss will be a weight record for me.  I haven’t been below 265 in I can’t tell you how long.  Great start to Friday! :D

Weigh In Monday! 2/14/11: The Singles Awareness Day Edition

 The goal at the beginning of the week was to lose 7 pounds.  But, after all that happened this weekend and going back into bad Rob mode, I’ll take a 4.2 loss! :)  Great start to my week.  Lets rock out!

PS:  In the words of N*Sync, “BYE! BYE! BYE! (280s)!”

Starting Wt:   349.6
Last Week:     281.6
Today 02/07:  277.4
                 Loss This Wk Total:    -4.2
                 Total Loss from Start: -72.2

Happy V-Day to all that celebrate!
Happy Singles Awareness Day to all those who don’t celebrate V-Day! :) <== That’s me.

Rob Does Weight Loss Vlogs! Ep#5 - Coming at you now.  Shortest one, under 3 minutes!! :p  Apparently, I don’t have the gift of gab today.

Mentions:  Sarah and Courtney.

**((!!Fly High Peter Pan!!))** <== Inside Joke

PS:  Please forgive the wrinkled shirt and the fact that I haven’t shaved since last week.  HAHA… OTHER THAN THAT, WE’RE GOOD :P

Here’s the third installment of Rob Does Life1!  Check it out! :)

Today’s Weight Loss vlog… Check it out, sorry it’s long… its 6 minutes.  So, if you have 6 minutes to spare and listen in, do it! :)