Motivation Monday!

I wasn’t going to post this because of feelings I’ve been having with the hospital and such.  After yesterday, I’ve been on such a high.  I revisited this video and decided that I’m proud of me.

The song playing is “When You Believe” sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.  Total Video time is 4:57.

This commercial is just inspiring.  Can you guess the part where I had the biggest smile?  Well, here’s a hint:  "I’m a fighter".

Props to you Dr. Pepper.

At the end of the day, I’ve gotta be me.

Here’s to getting better, and stronger friends.  It will happen.  I promise.

Sometimes, you need a little something to put things into perspective.  This is just what I needed! :)


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This ‘commercial’ for Red Bull is very inspiring.  It made me smile.  No, I’m not endorsing Red Bull.  I’m not a fan of it anyways.

Damn, I wish this was a commercial for Gu Energy! Chocolate Outrage FTW! :D

Kevin is an awesome dude and a boat load of support within himself.  It’s really awesome to be apart of his journey and watch him transform into an ironman.  Can’t wait to meet him in Ottawa in May 2012.  Who said that?


I’ve been pondering this kind of post for a while and didn’t really know how to compose it. So far, this year, things have been good - Great, even. Since February 2011, I lost some weight and became a happier man. It’s difficult to say that I wasn’t happy before, I found a remarkable person to…

Well said, Jason!  I concur!!  Way to go Ben on all of your accomplishments.  170 pounds lost is an average man height 5’9-5’10.  Crazy!


One thing that I love about CrossFit is when people ask me how much weight I have lost. Inside, I am grinning when I tell them 80lbs from my heaviest. They usually respond with “wow, that is crazy” or something along those lines, bringing the grin to the surface. There has been a few times when my…

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Need Inspiration? Got 5 minutes to kill?  Watch this.  Hairs rose, tears flooded.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, what goals you have … if you are determined, and put in the work… you’ll get what you want and then some!  Crazy.


"The pain only lasts a little while, then its over."


I heard him give this advice on Memorial day at the Du for the Parks in Hot Springs. I’ve never forgotten it.

So now when the legs burn on the bike, the arms tire from the swim, and I feel like I can’t run another step…..

I remember this….and keep going.

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This is so true.  So true.  Push through it, you’ll be a better person for it.

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The Best Part of this Journey is

Inspiring others to do this journey.  Quite frankly, it brings tears to my eyes.  Its one of the most rewarding feelings to be able to do something GREAT for yourself and let others see it first hand.  Losing weight is not easy.  Running is not easy.  Exercising is not easy.  Making tempting food choices is not easy.  In the end it’s worth it.  Every drip of sweat, every pissed off feeling that you’ve had resenting this journey… it’s worth it.  Personally, losing 85 pounds has been amazing.  I never want to be 350 pounds again.  EVER.

I can name a few people who I’ve touched with my lifestyle changes.  They check in with me.  We’ve created a support system.  For the first time in my life, I feel that i’m doing something great.  It’s amazing to wake up in the morning.  It’s amazing to run.  It’s amazing to do races.  Life is just amazing.

NICK and all the Boston Marathoners:   Kick ass and keep being awesome.  You guys inspire me to no end!!! :)

Thanks Emily for getting us together to do this!  Great job you guys!



You guys are speedy mc speedy pants. Here is some love and support from the fitblr community!

We will be with you in thoughts. See you at the finish line! :D

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